Associate Psychologist Program

Associate Psychologist program

At The Hart Centre we are a team of Psychologists  passionate about relationships and professional excellence in our field.

Established by Psychologist, Julie Hart, on the Gold Coast, we have been in operation for 17 years.

Our mission is to be the most highly regarded relationship help service in Australia, by delivering a comprehensive range of the highest quality relationship counselling, immediate phone support and advice, and books to offer immediate help for client’s relationship problems and educate clients to enhance their relationships.

The unique features of our therapeutic approach are our focus on 3 key elements:

  • Meeting client’s wants and needs, including effective short term therapy, value for money, and promptly at the time of need.
  • A positive and practical approach. We balance hearing each client’s story and issues with a movement into a positive approach to resolution.
  • Deeper insight into the dynamics and personality contributions, to enable clients to make changes with a new understanding.

With a very high therapeutic success rate, combined with an effective marketing plan, we are experiencing huge demand and growth and are currently expanding across Australia.

We are looking for Psychologists  interested in relationship work, who are already in private practice in centres around Australia, to join our team via our Associate Program, as an adjunct to their current practice.

You are our ideal Associate if you:
  • love relationship work
  • are looking to build your private practice (we make new client referrals automatically made into your appointment book weekly)
  • highly value professional excellence
  • have a professional office
  • would like to be trained, supervised, and supported in relationship methodologies by an experienced relationship Psychologist
  • would like to be part of an Australian wide supported community with regular PD conferences

Associate Psychologist

Our Associate Psychologist Program Includes:

Initial 1 on 1 Training: Relationship Therapy Methodologies.

  • Module 1 – Overview
    • 5 Stage Model of Relationship Development
    • Attachment Theory & Interventions
    • Attachment Questionnaire
    • Bowen Family Systems Theory
    • Differentiation Questionnaire
  • Module 2 – Clean-Up Issues: Psychological Conditions, Self medication, Verbal Abuse
    • Clean-Up Issues checklist
    • The Agreement
  • Module 3 – Power and Control struggles
    • Controlling partner
    • Controlling partner – Identification and therapeutic interventions
    • Self Esteem and boundaries
    • Self Esteem and Boundaries Questionnaire
  • Module 4 – Imbalances
    • Reciprocal functioning -Interpersonal Dynamics, polarities and disowned selves
    • Masculine & Feminine Differences
  • Module 5 – Childhood Issues
    • Core Negative Image
  • Module 6 – Communication
    • Communication Blocks
    • Winning Communication strategies
    • Speaker & Listener continuums for levels of Differentiation
  • Module 7 – Sex
    • Spicing up your love life
    • Sexual Inhibitors of Desire & Arousal
  • Module 8 – Romance and Enrichment
    • How to keep love alive
    • The 5 love languages
  • Module 9 – Bringing it all together
    • Client Diagnostic Screening
    • The Hart Centre Relationship Counselling Methodology
    • Pitfalls to avoid in couples therapy
  • Module 10 – Situation Specific
    • Pre-marriage Insight Program
    • Recovering from an affair
    • Recovering from a break up

Members Only Resources

Access to the Hart Centre collective resources in the Members Only section of the website, and Members Discussion Forums.

Conferences/ PD Events

2 day In-house Conference once a year at various locations in Australia.

Our conferences include guest speakers in the field, latest reviews, updates, discussion of best practice methodologies, problems areas, new methodologies and celebration of successful outcomes; truly an enjoyable way to learn, connect, enjoy, and be supported, validated and inspired.


This includes all website and other marketing.

You and your practice will be featured on The Hart Centre Website.

Phone answering and Appointment Setting:

Our Head Office on the Gold Coast takes all enquiries and makes initial appointments for you directly into a Google Calendar.  An immediate email is sent to you and your new client welcoming them, and giving them all of your details.

We charge clients non-refundable booking fees, and cancellation fees are charged with insufficient notice, resulting in excellent attendance rates.  When cancellation fees are charged, they are credited to you in your monthly invoice.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in discussing our Associate Program in more detail, please call us on 1300 830552, or email us at

Associate Testimonials

“I feel very much a part of The Hart Centre. I think that’s because the ladies reply to my emails quickly and get onto things - the staff are fantastic! I don’t feel isolated at all but rather part of the family, one of the many cogs in the HC.

Peer supervision is very useful and helpful in becoming an expert in the couples counselling field, reducing isolation in private practice, and helping in accruing active CPD (Compulsory Professional Development) points.   I also find the peer supervision really good in that it gives me others who work in this field to bounce ideas off and to learn from their wisdom and to share ideas and grow as a practitioner. I wish we could do it more often. The website is also full of great resources.

But the most important is that Julie is awesome in terms of her extensive knowledge, her ability to pull ideas together, being positive and encouraging in her interactions in supervision, her fantastic blogs on the website and her entrepreneurial abilities. She’s so proactive in seeking out opportunities for us and I feel so honoured that she does all this for the HC and associates. Go Julie!! I look forward to having a long and enjoyable association with the HC”.

Mt Lawley

“I love being an Associate with The Hart Centre. I feel that I am a part of a team and a network, and the ladies are extremely efficient in making the booking process smooth. The clients referred are high quality and have led to repeat sessions with each. For me, being an Associate has been a rewarding and valuable experience and I look forward to continuing the relationship”.

Mt Gravatt

“As a Hart Associate, I have been extremely well supported in my professional practice through a responsible and client-focused referral process.  Hart also maintains a website that is informative, user-friendly, and inviting.  These qualities help to build client confidence and rapport from the outset.  The Reception/Administration team at Hart also make communication an absolute pleasure, and navigate the complexities of scheduling with grace and efficiency.  Their understanding and attention to detail is integral in enhancing my ability to focus on my role as therapist”.    



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