Are you a Phubber (Phubbing = partner phone snubbing)? counselling

Are you a Phubber (Phubbing = partner phone snubbing)?

June 7, 2017

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With the rise of smart phones and social media, phubbing is now rife throughout the world. You don’t need to travel far to see it in action; at your local restaurant, in the car next to yours on the highway, at a friend’s birthday BBQ, or even simply walking down the. Read more

Do You Wonder Why You and Your Partner Are Together?

October 19, 2016

One way of understanding the driving forces behind common relationship problems such as high conflict, communication difficulties and lack of intimacy is to ask what is arguably the most fundamental question of all: ‘Why are we together?’ It seems almost too obvious to ask, doesn’t it? However it is striking how. Read more

Did Your Relationship Start on Rocky Ground?

October 12, 2016

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Sometimes one or both people in a relationship struggle to come to terms with the conditions under which it was formed. Common examples are where: • trust breaches occurred • one or both people were already in a committed relationship • one or both people were in a dysfunctional state such. Read more

What Are You Like In a Relationship?

October 5, 2016

Successful couples counselling requires at least one person to make significant behavioural changes that their partner recognises as beneficial. However, the relationships that make the most progress in counselling are the ones in which both people make such changes.   In order to understand which behavioural changes you need to make. Read more

Is Your Pursuit of Success Sabotaging Your Relationships That Matter Most?

September 28, 2016

Mark rang my office wanting an urgent appointment. He could not hide his devastation. He was absolutely stunned. His wife, Christine, of 12 years, had just dropped the bombshell that morning that she had had enough, and was leaving. He was beside himself. How had it got so bad? He could. Read more

6 Love Hacks to keep your relationship hotter than a Jalapeno

September 21, 2016

Every night: Make time for the two of you to talk for at least half an hour. This means what happened through the day for you, how you felt about it, and what you have been thinking.   Every day: Find at least one thing you appreciate about your partner and. Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: The 11 major signs that your relationship is going downhill

September 14, 2016

If you have more than 3 of these happening in your relationship, be warned that your relationship is slipping away from you, so be proactive and get help now before it’s too late. 1. Are there more negative comments you make to your partner, (or your partner makes to you) than. Read more

7 Important Things To Do For Your Kids When You Divorce

February 3, 2016

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Divorce is painful for all parties involved, but often the most affected are children. While you’re nursing your wounds, it’s important to keep in mind, children still regard their parents as role models. While it’s a painful time, it can also be a tremendous teaching opportunity for yourself and your children. With some conscious. Read more

Julie Hart Interviews Robert & Diane Masters: Insider Tips For an Extraordinary Relationship

June 15, 2015

Julie Relationship Counselling Gold Coast

“This is the best relationship I have ever seen in my life” says Relationship Psychologist, Julie Hart.

What man doesn’t dread “Honey, we need to talk”?

May 20, 2015

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  At our recent Hart In-house conference, David Wexler talked to us about what he called “Male Relationship Dread”. Here’s some of the kind of fears that can be stirred up in a man when his female partner wants to bring up an issue:  “Nothing good is going to come out. Read more