When Was The Last Time You Had a Date Night? counselling

When Was The Last Time You Had a Date Night?

August 23, 2017

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Couples who’ve been together for a long time can start to take their relationship for granted — staying together even as both partners work less and less to maintain their intimate connection as lovers. It doesn’t have to be that way. Most of us want more closeness, excitement, and variety, but. Read more

Connection Rituals To Help Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

July 12, 2017

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Shared rituals both large and small play an incredibly important part in each partner’s sense that the relationship is safe and supportive. They also give the relationship a sense of continuity, along with a regular sense of connection that stays intact even in the face of the busy-ness of everyday life. They also give. Read more

6 Love Hacks to keep your relationship hotter than a Jalapeno

September 21, 2016

Every night: Make time for the two of you to talk for at least half an hour. This means what happened through the day for you, how you felt about it, and what you have been thinking.   Every day: Find at least one thing you appreciate about your partner and. Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: The 11 major signs that your relationship is going downhill

September 14, 2016

If you have more than 3 of these happening in your relationship, be warned that your relationship is slipping away from you, so be proactive and get help now before it’s too late. 1. Are there more negative comments you make to your partner, (or your partner makes to you) than. Read more

3 Keys to the Sauciest Love Making of Your Life

February 2, 2016

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  Here’s a hint: It probably doesn’t take what you think it takes.   Many people believe — wrongly — that great lovemaking is only for the young. On the surface, it seems to make sense: A pair of hot, impassioned 20-year-olds, deeply in love; the novelty of the experience, happening. Read more

Tantra Is The Opposite Of Porn – Learning How To Actually Be Intimate

November 25, 2015

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What if studying tantra could heal our addiction to Porn? What if tapping into our natural abilities to experience ecstasy changes everything? Porn is a funny thing. Despite some opinions, I believe that it isn’t inherently evil. Lots of people truly enjoy watching porn, including many couples who use it together. Read more

Who has Commitment issues?

January 5, 2015

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One of the most useful questions I ask my couple clients is “How committed are you to this relationship on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is totally committed and 1 is not committed at all?” The answers I get back are most revealing for both partners and provide. Read more

Mars and Venus: The Differences between Men and Women

December 9, 2014

  There is something wonderful about the connection between men and women…. the balance and play of the masculine and feminine energies and the headiness and intoxication of first meeting and falling in love. Then as time moves forward and the ‘honeymoon’ period settles, differences between the sexes begin to emerge.. Read more

Fly In Fly Out Lifestyle – Suggestions for Keeping your Relationship alive

February 18, 2014

If you have just started a FIFO/DIDO lifestyle, here are some suggestions that will help keep your relationship as healthy as possible: Suggestions for Keeping your Relationship alive 1. Have Specific Joint Goals. Discuss your commitment to the FIFO/DIDO decision and state and even write down your specific joint goals. Ensure that. Read more

FIFO and DIDO – How does it impact your relationship?

February 18, 2014

“Fly In Fly Out” and “Drive In Drive Out” has become a popular way of working in Australia, particularly in  the mining industry. With a high income and financial freedom being the biggest advantage of these jobs, there are also challenges on the personal and the relationship front to such a lifestyle.. Read more