Counselling Session Fees & Rebates

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Couples and Marriage Counselling and Individual Counselling sessions are 50 mins
Capital Cities: $170, or $185 (After-hours or at any time in CBD locations)
Regional areas: $165 or $180 (After-hours) 


PRIVATE HEALTH FUND REBATES should apply if you have ‘psychology’ as an extra, but we recommend that you call your insurer and check your level of cover if this is of concern to you.

MEDICARE REBATES may apply if you are suffering stress, anxiety, depression, anger problems, sexual difficulties of any kind and some other mental health problems. You will need to see your doctor about a  Mental Health Care Plan which you will bring to your Psychologist’s appointment.

Relationship counselling as such does not qualify you for a Mental Health Care Plan in and of itself, but you may be able to use your plan for appointments which involve some relationship counselling. Please discuss with your Psychologist about what is possible.

Please note that this is general advice regarding the possibility of being able to use a Mental Health Care Plan, but  it is up to each individual psychologist to determine whether they will accept the use of the plan, and this will not be able to be determined until the Psychologist has sighted it.  Please contact your GP to determine your eligibility for a Mental Health Care Plan.

The Medicare rebate is $84.80 for a Registered Psychologist.

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