Christina Therapist Central Coast and Cessnock

Christina Therapist Central Coast

MASS Counselling, BA Psychology, Couples Institute Diploma, EMDR
Hart Centre Certified

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Christina is a mature, experienced therapist working on the Central Coast and in the Hunter Valley. She is passionate about couples counselling, in particular the frequent impact that sexual dysfunction and the impact of trauma have on the relationship. Her belief is that creativity, pleasure and fulfilment lie at the centre of human existence and if difficulties in sexual expression and functioning are present it can go to the core of a person’s relationship to self and others.

Christina has specialised training in sex therapy both in Australia and the USA. She also understands personally and theoretically the impact that trauma can have on both the individual and the couple dynamics in any relationship. She is currently undergoing further advanced trauma studies in Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR).

Christina creates a safe, non-judgemental environment that enables her clients to share openly their thoughts and concerns. This then enables her to utilise a number of different techniques and modalities which allow her clients to move to a more positive, open and even joyful space, taking with them the tools they have learned, allowing progression of their own journey. In this way Christina has helped hundreds of individuals and couples.

Christina works with individuals and couples struggling with issues pertaining to gender, sexuality, self-acceptance, grief and loss, adoption, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, and interpersonal relationships. Together she explores with her clients their values, identifies their commitments and the aspects of their life that are important to them, and then works to sensitively peel back the numerous life stressors that might keep her client from not living the life that is desired.

Christina offers an integrated holistic approach, working with the emotional, the physical, the mental and the existential/spiritual. She believes that a treatment plan should be individually tailored to each client or couple. She likes to partner with clients, involving them regarding the focus of the work, the duration, the review of work and what success will look like. In this way Christina’s clients are active participants in the therapeutic process, and therefore in their own healing.

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Erina, Central Coast