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Relationship Counselling Perth

Perth CBD

  • Kathrine

    Registered Psychologist Perth

    BA Soc Sci; B Psych (Hons); AMAPS

    Hart Centre Certified

    • CBD, Perth, WA
    • Mandurah WA

    Kathrine has been a Registered Psychologist in Perth for ten years and prior to this was a counsellor for four years, specialising in developing intimacy in relationships.  She understands the importance of relationships in life as a building block to higher achievement, and will help you help yourself by giving you practical skills you can work on immediately.

    She has a special interest in individual and relationship counselling and seeing clients with sexual difficulties.  Kathrine understands that relationships are rarely smooth sailing and that with some knowledge you can create the relationship that you really want, or move on in the least stressful way if this is the direction you wish to take.

    In addition to seeing clients for relationship counselling and sexual difficulties, Kathrine is also available for appointments relating to Pre-Marriage Counselling, Anger Management, Narcissism, Porn Addiction, and is also available for phone/skype appointments if needed.

    Kathrine is a warm and caring person, who will listen to both sides without judgement or bias, and will give you practical steps to ensure you both realise your full potential individually and in your relationship.

    CBD, Perth, WA
    Mandurah WA