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Relationship Counselling Melbourne

Clifton Hill

  • Sue

    Registered Psychologist Melbourne
    B. Nursing; Grad Dip Psych; Grad Dip Psychotherapy; MAPS
    Hart Centre Certified

    • Clifton Hill, VIC

    Sue is a highly skilled Psychologist, specialising in couples and relationship counselling.  Within a safe and comfortable environment, Sue enables her couples to express their relationship concerns with ease. Her empathic nature and emotionally focused approach supports her couples to navigate relationship challenges and gain increased understanding of their sometimes unhelpful interactive cycles.

    Sue has had experience with couples coping with infidelity, major life transitions, extended family issues, parenting differences and power imbalances. Sue is passionate about helping couples identify core beliefs that can be triggered in a relationship, explore the deep emotional pain that can accompany intimate relationships, and create new ways to be more emotionally responsive to each other.

    Sue uses an integrated approach to therapy, focusing on an understanding of the background to the problem, and using the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) model to promote changes in behavior and to assist new ways of learning to manage painful thoughts and emotions.

    With many years experience in a variety of clinical settings, Sue is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society and has worked in both private and not for profit agencies, gaining expertise in long-term treatment for individuals and couples, as well as crisis management.

    Sue is available for consultation after hours and welcomes face-to-face or telephone counselling.

    Clifton Hill, VIC
  • Emma

    Psychologist Melbourne

    Grad Dip Psychotherapy, Postgrad Dip Psych, B Sc, Cert IV Training and Assessment
    Hart Centre Certified

    • Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Vic

    Emma is a registered Psychologist in Melbourne with a strong interest in relationship counselling.  She is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society, and has experience in private, not for profit and public sectors, working in both acute management and long-term treatment settings.

    Emma has developed the skills to provide a client-centred approach that involves education, collaboration, and evidence-based interventions to assist with fostering more desirable and satisfying relationships.  Over the years, Emma has worked with couples that have experienced communication difficulties, infidelity, imbalances in power, issues with extended family, life transitional difficulties and conflicting ideas on matters such as child rearing, lifestyle differences and finances.

    Emma has a particularly strong interest in both individual and relationship counselling and is passionate about assisting couples become more adaptive by helping each person understand the other’s needs, improving communication styles, practicing conflict resolution and assertiveness skills and promoting strengths within the relationship.

    Emma currently manages her own allied health practice and embraces a holistic approach to mental wellness. Emma is available for consultation after hours and welcomes face-to-face counselling as well as telephone and Skype counselling.

    Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Vic