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Relationship Counselling Sunshine Coast

Maroochydore (Lyndel)

  • Lyndel

    Registered Psychologist Sunshine Coast

    B Beh.Sc, B AppSc. (Hons) M.A.P.S. Grad Dip. Gestalt Therapy.

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, QLD

    Lyndel specialises in relationship counselling, and has been a registered psychologist since 2004.  Before working in private practice, she worked in Community-based adult mental health services and a women’s correctional facility.

    Lyndel particularly enjoys the challenges of couples therapy, and understands that not many of us receive training in how to keep the love and excitement alive in our relationships once the romance wears off.  Fortunately, that is normal for relationship development, as the romance stage really only lasts anywhere from 6 – 30 months at most.  So we need knowledge, skills, patience and understanding if our relationships with our partners are to not just survive but continue to be loving, emotionally and sexually strong and connected.  We expect a lot from our partners and ourselves today, and most of us need help in one way or another to get there. Power struggles, disappointment, frustration, anger and unhappiness often become the norm, leaving us disillusioned and caught in vicious cycles.

    Understanding these issues, Lyndel’s warm, sensitive and gentle manner provides an environment that both individuals and couples can come to express and explore their deepest feelings, longings, needs and desires.  Lyndel can offer help for a range of different problems including, addictions, anger issues, blended family issues, communication problems, conflict cycles or unresolved conflict, pressures and difficulties of FIFO work, infidelity, jealousy, lack of emotional connection and loss of love feelings.  Lyndel is available for pre-marriage counselling, and is also able to consult by phone/skype if required.



    Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, QLD