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Relationship Counselling Melbourne

Melbourne CBD

  • Catherine

    Registered Psychologist Melbourne

    BA, MA, Post Grad App Psych, M Psych, M Crim, MAPS,

    Hart Centre Certified

    • Melbourne CBD, VIC

    Catherine feels it is a privilege to be a psychologist and support people during important and challenging times in their lives.  She finds the richness of the connection that she shares with clients extremely rewarding. It’s a pleasure seeing people grow and develop.

    Most of the people she sees as a psychologist are struggling with anxiety, depression or relationship issues. Often if you are having difficulties in one of these areas, you may also experience problems on another of these areas as well. This is because these problems are usually related, often resulting from past traumatic or painful events in your life.

    Regardless of how much pain you are in and how troubled your relationship is, as your couples counsellor, Catherine is committed to helping you improve your relationship.  Couples therapy with Catherine goes beyond “damage control”, she will help you grow as individuals as well as a couple.

    If you are like most couples that come to see Catherine for couples or marriage counselling, you can most likely relate to some of the following:  you are not communicating effectively, left feeling frustrated and distressed; trust has vanished from your relationship; stress due to children, work, finances, family pressures or illness is damaging your relationship; one or both of you have contemplated or threatened to leave the relationship; you or your partner has had an affair and you are either reeling in feelings of betrayal, riddled with guilt for what you have done, and/or unsure of how and if you can repair the damage; sexual difficulties like mismatched libidos or erectile dysfunction make you feel unwanted, inadequate and disconnected; one or both of you has had a difficult personal history that makes your relationship dynamic more challenging (e.g. childhood trauma, difficult relationships, depression, anxiety, addiction issues, or mental illness).

    Catherine is also available for appointments for Pre-Marriage Counselling, Narcissism, Anger Management, Porn Addiction, and is available for phone and skype appointments.

    Catherine has learned that regardless of how stuck and discouraged you feel, there is always a way to overcome your problems. As a counselling psychologist, she provides a unique balance of intellectual and analytical understanding with a deep capacity for empathy. As a result of growing up in Switzerland and studying in Germany, she also is able to do therapy in German.

    Melbourne CBD, VIC