Relationship Quiz

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Here is a quick quiz that will help you check how your relationship is going. There are 8 key areas to consider:

Relationship Quiz
Quick Quiz to check the state of your relationship


To what extent do you both agree on important matters like finances raising children and family?

Not at all A little A lot Almost all the time


How many common interests do you have?

None One A few A lot


To what extent do you both make it a priority to be together, to talk, have fun times together, and/or family time?

Not at all Occasionally Often All the time


How alive is your relationship with romance, affection, fun and lovemaking?

Not at all Occasionally Often All the time


How equal is your relationship? Consider overall contributions and whether either of you control or manipulate the other.

Very unequal Unequal Relatively equal Very equal


To what extent do each of you understand and respect the gender differences between you?

Not at all A little Mostly Very well


To what extent can you share with your partner your thoughts, feelings and dreams freely without arguing or shutting down?

Not at all Occasionally Mostly Almost all the time


To what extent are both of you willing to do what it takes to make your relationship good?

Neither of us Only one of us Maybe both of us Both of us
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