Benefits of Skype Counselling

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In our counselling with clients, we are finding SKYPE counselling sessions very successful, both with couples sessions and individual sessions.

And increasingly,  more and more clients are asking for SKYPE counselling sessions. Currently at least 30% of my current clients are SKYPE sessions.

Here are some advantages of SKYPE sessions for you:

1.  SKYPE sessions allow you to choose your absolute best choice and  most appropriate Psychologist for your particular issues, no matter where you live

2. You have the convenience of talking at home, which also saves you travel time.

3. It is often easier to co-ordinate both you and your partner’s schedules if you are having your session at home.

4. You can more easily manage your children rather than having to organize babysitters


Other considerations

–  The most important consideration is that you  need to be mindful that your room has privacy. Most people find that this is not difficult to manage.

– Also, when you are having a couples session, sit side by side on a sofa or individual chairs and set up your computer screen so that both of you are visible at the same time.

– It is also helpful to each have the Psychologist’s phone number, and vice versa so that either of you can contact each other in the event that you have trouble accessing each other by SKYPE in in the first instance.

If you have any further questions, please contact our friendly receptionists and they will assist you.

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