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As a group of 72 Psychologists at 80 locations across Australia, our Hart Centre vision is to provide the most highly regarded and comprehensive marriage counselling and relationship counselling, and sex therapy in Australia, at reasonable rates.

Our Sunshine Coast team of Lyndel and Sharon have been chosen as members because of their caring nature, their knowledge, expertise and passion about relationships.

With relationship counselling being such a specialised field, all our our team  take part in both our Initial training as well as  our Yearly In-House conferences specializing in Relationship Methodologies with overseas experts in our field.

As we are all Psychologists, you may be eligible for Medicare & Private Health Insurance Rebates.

Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: $165  ($180 for after hours sessions)

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply, so please check for further information.
Phone 1300 830 552 to enquire or make an appointment.relationship counselling sunshine coast

Relationship problems can create havoc in your life

Not too many of us have had a great relationship modelled to us. Most of us are doing the best we know, and are falling into old family patterns without knowing why or how to change them.

So for most people, relationship problems can just gradually develop over time.

Have a look at the following 6 signs that your relationship might be heading for trouble:

1. You seem to be fighting over the same things most of the time

2. Your fights are escalating

3. You are spending less time together than you used to

4. You may have even started to look outside your relationship with interest

5. You are focusing more time on the kids or work than on each other

6. Your sex life has diminished

If you can identify some of these already in your relationship, it is wise to come and seek help so that you can nip it in the bud, and so your relationship doesn’t deteriorate any further.

Relationship problems usually evolve through a number of Stages as they progress. You can find out what stage your relationship is at

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As  we are all Psychologists specializing in relationships at the Hart Centre, there are a myriad of relationship problems we can help you with:

  • Affairs and cheating – online and in person
  • Controlling behaviour and verbally abusive behaviour
  • An unequal relationship
  • Lost your sense of intimacy
  • Lack of good communication skills
  • Not feeling in love anymore
  • Relationship neglect or taken for grantedness
  • Sexual problems of all kinds
  • Problems from your or your partner’s childhood
  • Problems with differences in parenting your children
  • Step children and how to parent them
  • All forms of family problems
  • Issues with managing your anger in an effective way
  • Porn addiction or over-use
  • Pre-marriage programs to ensure you have a happy marriage
  • Narcissism problems and problems on a one sided relationship

If you would like any further advise on any relationship or sexual problems you may have visit our Relationship and Sex Advice page where you can search for your topic.

Our Couples Counselling approach

At the Hart Centre, we ensure that we take a very positive approach to our relationship counselling with you.

It is important for us as counsellors to  take time to really understand the problems and perspectives of each of you, and at the same time, we find that most couples are wishing to find a positive action plan and changes which will have a positive impact and a true sense of hope for their relationship or marriage.

View our VIDEO on what to expect from our Counselling. or read about frequently asked questions about our relationship and marriage counselling process

You can read more about our approach to counselling in our relationship counselling sessions.

Some of our clinics also provide after hours and Saturday sessions for your convenience.

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It’s frustrating when your communication doesn’t work 

For most couples, their communication starts off well, and then over time can deteriorate more and more into fights, arguments or the silent treatment.

We all want to be heard when we express ourselves, but for almost everyone who is experiencing difficulties in their relationship, they feel that they are trying to express their thoughts and feelings but that their partner is not listening.

So, once that is happening, most people just don’t want to listen to their partner either, thereby setting up a lose-lose situation with both trying to talk and no-one listening.

So learning how to express your genuine thoughts and feelings in a way such that your partner does really listen is an important skill for you to feel that you are in a satisfying relationship.

We can show you some simple and easy ways to make this happen in your relationship.

You as an individual in your relationship

Our relationships can give us information about ourselves, if we are open to it. Most of us who have been in at least 2 relationships will find that there are recurring themes and issues that come up for us.

This can be showing you what your contribution is in the relationship, as all relationships have contributions from both partners.

We can help you if you want individual help and guidance on your relationship to learn what your relationships are showing you about yourself, so that you can change these and move into more satisfying relationships in the near future.

For the latest shortup- to- date articles on relationships, relationship problems and relationship counselling, please also check out our relationship counselling blog.

To enquire or book a session with us, please phone 1300 830 552 and our friendly receptionists will help you.

Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: $165  ($180 for after hours sessions)

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply.
(please check for details)

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