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Hart Centre Brisbane is a team of Psychologists who specialise in relationship and couples counselling.

 As Australia’s largest private relationship help service, our vision is to provide the most highly regarded and comprehensive marriage counselling and relationship counselling, and sex therapy in Australia, at affordable prices.

Our Brisbane team of  Annette, Ruth, Julia, Rosemary,  Korey, Natascha, Trisha, Karina and Christopher have been chosen as members because of their caring and empathetic nature, their knowledge, their passion and their experience in couples counselling.

relationship counselling brisbane


Relationship counselling is a very specialised form of counselling, so we ensure our Psychologists are well trained by taking part in both an Initial training, as well as our annual In-House conferences in Relationship Methodologies with specialist teachers from around the world.

As we are all Psychologists, you may be eligible for Medicare & Private Health Insurance Rebates.

What is our counselling success rate?

While every couple’e situation is unique, our clients feedback is that 90 – 95 % of our couples report that they have found our counselling helpful.

Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: $170  ($185 for after hours sessions or for all sessions at CBD locations)

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply.
(please check for details)

Phone 1300 830 552 to enquire or make an appointment.

When you’re having relationship problems

For many people relationship problems can develop over time without you realising that you have done much differently. Where once you were happy, there can creep in difficulties that can be painful and confusing, and create depression, worry and stress for you.

Very few of us have been taught how to have a really good relationship. We mostly do our best but don’t have the knowledge on how to create a satisfying and healthy relationship.

So, over time, it is not unusual to feel you’ve  lost that loving feeling and sense of connection with your partner.  Alternatively you may feel that you have lost yourself in your relationship.

To further add to these problems, a lack of communication knowhow can mean that you are in  a negative override cycle that is very difficult to escape from.

Relationships and their problems usually go through a number of Stages as they progress. Click here to find out what stage your relationship is at

couples counselling brisbane


As Psychologists specializing in relationships, we  can assist you with all kinds of relationship as well as personal difficulties, including:

  • Affairs and infidelity
  • One partner is in control
  • Verbal abuse
  • Where your relationship is not equal
  • You have lost your intimate and emotional connection
  • You cant communicate well
  • Feeling your partner doesn’t love you
  • Relationship neglect and boredom
  • Sexual and sensual problems
  • Problems that are still there from your childhood
  • Problems with differences in parenting styles
  • Coming together to parent your Step children
  • Problems managing your anger
  • Pornography addiction
  • Pre-marriage relationship enhancement program
  • Problems with narcissistic tendencies for one of you

For more advise on relationship or sexual problems please visit our Relationship and Sex Advice page where you can search on any subject.

Our Relationship Counselling at the Hart Centre Brisbane

We feel it is very important to take a very positive approach to our relationship counselling.

To begin with, we take time to really understand the problems and perspectives of each of you. From there we can help you understand what is getting in your way of having a great relationship, and then we help you with an action plan that will give you a positive direction and help you overcome your current issues and get you back on the path to relationship happiness.

For more information you can look at our VIDEO on what to expect from our Counselling. or read about frequently asked questions about our relationship and marriage counselling process

Some of our clinics also provide after hours and Saturday sessions for your convenience.

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Are you feeling your partner is not listening to you?

Many couples find that their ways of communicating with each other are not very effective. If you are experiencing relationship problems, chances are that you are feeling that no matter how you express yourself, your partner just doesn’t listen very well to you.

When this happens over time, most people then will not be keen to give their partner a good listening ear, as they themselves haven’t been listened to, resulting in neither one feeling really heard and much frustration and resentment.

Good communication is a foundation to a healthy relationship.

We can demonstrate to you how you can effectively share your honest thoughts and feelings in a way that your partner does really listen and vice versa.


What your relationship is telling you about you.

Your relationship and your part in it can tell you much about yourself. No relationship issue is all one person’s fault, as relationship are a dynamic process with 2 people involved.

If you have been in a number of relationships, you have probably found that there are some common themes in the problems you have. This insight can help you enormously to identify the ways in which you are contributing to and /or facilitating the particular problems you are having, so that you know where to put your efforts once you decide you no longer want to have these problems.

For the latest shortup- to- date articles on relationships, relationship problems and relationship counselling, please also check out our relationship counselling blog.

To enquire or book a session with us, please phone 1300 830 552 and our friendly receptionists will be able to assist you.

Couples Counselling and Marriage counselling sessions are 50 mins
Cost: $170  ($185 for after hours sessions or for all sessions at CBD locations)

Private Health Insurance Rebates apply, and Medicare Rebates may apply, so please check with our reception staff.

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