A Fun, Inspiring 9 week Online Course for Couples

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Find your passion & connection

Awaken the juicy aliveness between you again

BE more and HAVE more in your relationship  




If your relationship has the Blahs, or you are starting to feel distant from each other, or beginning to have more arguments, then this is the program for you. You know the benefits of being physically fit and healthy. Now you can be just as proactive in your RELATIONSHIP.

Would you like to have the BEST RELATIONSHIP YOU CAN HAVE without it breaking the bank, or having to leave home to do it?

From her 14 years of experience of counselling 1000s of couples, Julie has determined the essential elements of a happy long term relationship & marriage, and where couples typically go wrong along the way.

In this fun and interactive program, you can assess where you are as a couple on the key dimensions of a happy long term relationship, and work through these over 9 weeks  in our fun and interactive on-line program, culminating in a final assessment to see how successful you have been, and how well your relationship has developed.

We estimate the exercises will take you approximately 2 hours a week – a small investment for such a hugely important part of your life!

This program is suited to couples who have started to experience some problems, or feel their relationship has gone stale or flat or distant. If your problems feel greater than this, you will probably find that specific tailored relationship counselling with one of our expert Relationship Psychologists may suit your needs more fully.


UPDATE: The program has now launched. Please visit us at www.RenewYourSpark.co to Register